The best Game Boy emulators for Android phones

The best Game Boy emulators for Android phones
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Despite the fact that Android has thousands of games at the service of its community, such as hundreds of platform video games, an extensive catalog of action titles, countless survival games, etc., the truth is that it is never enough for the most experienced players .

The emulators will turn the mobile into a Game Boy capable of running classic games of various genres.

Therefore, if you want to relive adventures playing them like the ones you experienced on Game Boy, you should know that they exist game boy emulators and Game Boy Advance for Android, platforms that offer thousands of retro video games for all tastes and that will make you remember old times.

It should be noted that, after the NES and SNES, the Game Boy is the most popular Nintendo console when it comes to being emulated on mobile. The problem is that there are many options to choose from, but only a few offer excellent results. Here we will say what are, really, the best game boy emulators for android of 2022.

ClassicBoy: allows you to play ROMs from many older consoles, not just Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. The platform has the pre-installed modules to run Game Boy games. A point in favor is that it allows you to customize the design of the buttons on the screen and you can use a controller paired via Bluetooth.

Gameboy emulators for Android

John GBAC: It is one of the best Game Boy emulators that exist today. It has a large list of games compatible with Android mobiles and the menu is very well crafted. Important options are close at hand and each title comes with a preloaded screen that shows the last save point of the game.

Game Boy emulators for Android smartphones

Pizza Boy Emulators (GBA/GBC): The emulator is focused on Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games. The design of the application is comfortable and there are many themes available to facilitate the positioning of the buttons on the mobile panel. It is compatible with third-party controllers and button actions can be customized.

Android emulators of 2022

– My Boy! Emulators (GBA/GBC): is another emulator focused entirely on Game Boy games, which is a good thing, since it has hundreds of high-quality classic titles. The application is useful and intuitive, but its design is not attractive at all, the priority is to fulfill its function and nothing else.

Best emulators for Android

– Lemroid: It works with the same framework as RetroArch and this makes it a great alternative. On the other hand, it greatly facilitates pairing with any type of controller, which is appreciated. It makes it possible to save and restore game states and has support for local multiplayer, which is unique in its class.

Game Boy-based emulators

RetroArch: Considered as one of the best Game Boy emulators due to the wide variety of games it offers. It has the ability to emulate up to 127 retro consoles, a real outrage. The app is open source and its interface has everything you need to get the most out of it without complications.

Game Boy Advance Game Emulators


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