Prosecutor’s Office raids Government Palace and takes data from computers

Prosecutor's Office raids Government Palace and takes data from computers
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government palace and another 14 buildings were raided on Friday by a team of prosecutors from the Second Office of the First Provincial Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office of Lima, which is investigating officials and businessmen for the Case Petro-Peru.

The diligence was authorized by Judge Manuel Chuyo Zavaleta at the request of the anti-corruption prosecutor Norah Cordovain charge of the investigation of alleged acts of corruption in the purchase of biodiesel B100 in which officials of the state company have been implicated, as well as the lobbyist karelim lopez.

The representatives of the Public Ministry, accompanied by members of the Anti-Corruption Police, even searched the garbage cans of the Casa de Pizarro offices.

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They also collected the agendas and digital documents stored in the computers of the offices next to President Pedro Castillo’s office.

The purpose of this action was to investigate the alleged meeting that López held with officials from Petro-Perú at the Casa de Pizarro on October 18.

Unlike the first two document production procedures of December 20 and 22, 2021, this time the prosecution did enter the office of the General Secretariat of the presidential office, according to the court order that El Comercio agreed to.

In the previous dates, the personnel of the Public Ministry could not enter those environments.

This time they also entered the Protocol Office, the Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic and the rooms located in front of or next to the office of the presidency.

Judge Chuyo specified in his resolution that the raid did not affect the rights of President Castillo, since he is not being investigated. He added that the measure fell “on offices that are part of a public entity or body.”

The operation, which began at 5 am, lasted for ten hours and was carried out in buildings in the Cercado de Lima, San Miguel, San Borja, Surco, Magdalena del Mar, La Molina, San Isidro and Lurín.

The raided properties also belonged to the general manager of Petro-Perú Hugo Chávez; the Petro-Peru Distribution Manager, Gunter Document; the Petro-Peru Supply Manager, Muslaim Abusada; the Purchasing Manager of Petro-Perú, Roger Liy, and the Petro-Perú advisor Gregorio Sáenz Moya.

The police had to climb the walls of Chavez’s building. (Photo: Cesar Grados)

Likewise, the properties of the businesswoman Karelim López were raided; the manager of Heaven Petroleum Operators (HPO) SA, Samir Abuyadeh; the manager of HPO, Carlos Siles, and the headquarters of the aforementioned company.

six meetings

Among the arguments mentioned by the prosecutor Córdova –supported by Judge Chuyo–, the holding of six meetings between Karelim López and the manager of Petro-Perú, Hugo Chávez, at the institution’s headquarters stands out.

According to the records, one of the appointments would have been held on October 19, 2021, one day after the alleged meeting at the Government Palace. The other meetings were on October 21, 22, 25, 27 and 28, 2021.

“The six visits or entries to the headquarters of Petro-Perú that he would have made would also contribute to the criminal hypothesis. [Karelim] López Arredondo after having met with the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo Terrones, in order to presumably meet or meet with the general manager of Petro-Perú, Hugo Chávez,” explained the judge.

Magistrate Manuel Chuyo explained that López’s visits and the acts carried out by Petro-Perú officials for the acquisition of biodiesel B100 would reveal evidence of the alleged commission of the crimes of simple collusion and incompatible negotiation.

For this reason, it maintained that when analyzing the case “in a grouped manner”, the facts suppose “the reflection of a concerted agreement and a decision of common action” that could be clarified later.

At the end of the procedure, Deputy Prosecutor Luis Alberto Medina confirmed that information was collected at the Government Palace for the investigation of the Petro-Peru Case.

“We have executed the resolution that authorizes the search of the Government Palace. We have collected documents, we have collected some materials, “she said at the end of the procedure.

On the other hand, the Public Ministry seized phones and more documentation related to the case in the homes of Karelim López, Petro-Perú officials and businessmen from Heaven Petroleum Operators SA

In statements to the press, lawyer César Nakazaki, López’s legal defender, described the raid on his client’s home as abuse, since, he added, it is the third to be carried out.

“If Karelim López had committed a crime, she would have been subjected to an effective collaboration process a long time ago and now she would be a hero, and President Castillo would suddenly no longer continue,” the lawyer emphasized.

More measures

The judicial resolution also authorized the lifting of the secrecy of the communications of those under investigation whose homes were raided in the Petro-Peru Case.

The extraction of information from their telephone equipment, telephone books, WhatsApp communications, computer equipment and seizure of documents and others that serve for the investigation was also authorized.

Lawyer Eduardo Pachas, legal defender of President Pedro Castillo, arrived at the Government Palace while the execution executed the search warrant authorized by Judge Manuel Chuyo.


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