Prince Charles’ glimpse into the future

Prince Charles' glimpse into the future
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There were 38 bills in this year’s Queen’s Speech, read out by the Prince of Wales, up from 30 last year.

It includes several bills that have been “carried over” from the previous session of Parliament because they have not yet received royal assent, giving ministers a packed timetable in the Commons and Lords in the next 12 months.

Here are the key pledges read out by Prince Charles setting out the Government’s agenda.

Cost of living

Boris Johnson has declared in his Queen’s Speech that helping people with the cost-of-living crisis and growing the economy is his biggest priority but announced little new immediate support.

Instead the Prime Minister focused on structural reforms around energy supply, education, planning rules and community improvement to unlock stronger and more geographically spread growth.

Yet for the average voter, one question will decide their response to the Queen’s Speech: what does it do about the cost of living crisis?

Gordon Rayner analyses how Mr Johnson has good ideas – but the danger is Labor’s vision appeals more.

Tom Harris says vague promises of high growth will no longer cut it.

‘Good weekend?’

Although today’s speech made history in many ways, it was also a familiar display of the glorious pomp and ceremony of the State Opening of Parliament.

Here are some of the best pictures, even as the event was stripped back in the hopes that the Queen could attend.

There was a slightly absurd moment when two ceremonial maces were transported to the State Opening of Parliament poking out of a car window.

And as MPs gathered together to walks across to the Lords to hear Prince Charles’ speech, the Prime Minister teased Sir Keir Starmer over the Labor leader’s “beergate” problems, asking “good weekend?”.

Comment and analysis

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