Planning builds capacity to achieve New Albany community’s vision

Jennifer Chrysler
Written by Publishing Team

The intrinsic relationship between strategic planning and economic development is essential to New Albany’s recent success in attracting industry leaders in information technology, personal care and beauty, health and life sciences and high-tech manufacturing while achieving robust growth among existing businesses.

Since the city’s first strategic plan was adopted in 1998, New Albany has collaborated with residents and businesses in our strategic-plan updates to create an enviable work-life balance while guiding commercial development that generates income to support ever-expanding amenities, services and infrastructure .

This planning process articulates our community’s shared vision for the future. Our economic-development team translates that vision into tangible, proactive goals that ensure all development – residential and commercial – aligns with our aspirations, contributes to our quality of life, supports the long-term growth of our community and enhances our regional competitiveness.

Our success also is the result of an economic-development team that strives to create a business climate that is friendly, supportive and inclusive, from the smallest merchant to the largest corporation. We work with employers to identify and implement strategies that can improve their ability to retain and grow their workforce.

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