New training technology at Lakeland Community College boosts preparedness – News-Herald

New training technology at Lakeland Community College boosts preparedness – News-Herald
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With the acquisition of new training technology, Lakeland Community College’s health care programs continue to benefit from “cutting edge” innovation in a rapidly growing industry field.

Recently, the school procured Laerdal Anne simulation equipment with the aim to provide students in the medical assisting and state-tested nursing assistant programs hands-on experience in checking patient vital signs, administering injections and supplemental oxygen, drawing blood, and reading electrocardiogram — commonly referred to as ECG or EKG — patterns.

Denise Lash, program director for Lakeland’s medical assisting certificate program, said COVID-19 restrictions, including social distancing requirements and shutdowns, have increased the need for simulation equipment in the classroom.

“With this state-of-the-art simulation, students can practice the skills required of medical assistants and nursing assistants working in clinical settings,” she added.

The new equipment was obtained through the Ohio Rapids grant in an ongoing effort to use simulated environments to offer real-world experiences to students in supervised exercise settings and to improve graduates’ competence in clinical skills.

With the equipment, instructors are able to create unique scenarios and closely monitor students in their training.

In addition to practicing clinical skills, students also learn to work in teams under stressful situations in a controlled, do-no-harm environment, officials noted.

The simulations also help to give students the confidence they need to enter the workforce, Lash added.

“We encourage on-the-spot critical thinking and allow students the chance to reflect on simulations to make improvements,” she said. “The hands-on experience and practice are invaluable for our students.”

To learn more about Lakeland’s medical assisting and state-tested nursing assistant certificate programs at the upcoming Health Programs Open House April 7, visit lakelandcc.edu/health.

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