MUST WATCH KEYNOTE and HANDS-ON: Samsung dreams big with best-ever S22 Ultra, Tab S8, watch, buds, UI, apps, PC integration and dynamic ecosystem

MUST WATCH KEYNOTE and HANDS-ON: Samsung dreams big with best-ever S22 Ultra, Tab S8, watch, buds, UI, apps, PC integration and dynamic ecosystem
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At seemingly every level, Samsung seeks to meet and better Apple, and by extension, everyone else in the Android smartphone, tablet and wearables business as it already makes the best Android devices.

All the S22, Tab S8 and other details, pricing, specs and more are all at the homepage, with all the new products now public.

To get Samsung’s perspective directly, in addition to all the other reactions, hands-on comments, early reviews and hot takes, the S22 Ultra press release is here, and is definitely worth reading.

The combined S22 and S22+ press release is here, with the Tab S8 press release here, the promise of “up to” four OS updates for these devices, new Galaxy Watch 4 features for health, sleep and workouts now, new straps, and Google Assistant is coming soon.

There are more articles, infographics and videos at the Samsung Global Newsroom here, while Samsung’s YouTube official videos page with tons of S22 and Tab S8 videos here.

Further down you’ll find pricing and the special offers available in Australia when purchasing from Telstra, Optus, Vodafone or the Samsung Online Store, but before I give you my reaction, hands-on hot take after watching the keynote, here’s the keynote for you to watch for yourself – it’s Samsung’s most impressive new product launch yet:

Nowadays we see Google, Oppo, Motorola, Nokia and others bringing premium devices with some ultra premium features at more affordable prices than the Samsung and Apple flagships, but for those who want the very best, the two big contenders are Apple and Samsung.

Apple sells the iPhone SE, with a 5G model said to launch next month, and the iPhone 11, 12, and four iPhone 13/13 Pro models, and has iPhones back to the 6s able to run iOS 15.x, with a thriving Refurbished market that brings Apple profits through people buying Apple services such as apps, TV and movies, fitness, news, music, books and accessories, and iCloud storage, whether in a bundle or in an a-la carte fashion.

Samsung sells the S21 FE 5G, its new premium and ultra-premium S22 models, its current 3rd-gen Fold and Flip models that will presumably also launch with 4th-gen models later this year, its mid-range A models including the A52s 5G , and the more affordable A32 and A22 5G models.

The S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra ranges, and its Tab S7 range were the competitors to the iPhone 12 range, with Samsung improving on all three models with a faster 4nm processor, better NPU, brighter screens they say you really can read in the sunlight , better night photos dubbed “Nightography”, brighter videos at night with the S22 Ultra and plenty more.

The newest feature of the S22 Ultra is the inclusion of an upgraded S-Pen and internal stylus slot, with a 2.9ms latency from pen touching the screen to digital ink flowing out, down from 9ms in the previous Note 20 device and more, and You have the most advanced smartphone-sized tablet.

Apple’s closest stylus-enabled device in the new iPad mini, for Apple hasn’t yet included a stylus for the iPhone, nor has it released iPhones with Apple Pencil-compatible screens.

Another cool S22 Ultra feature is a special cooling system to maintain its performance and really deliver what looks like a really great cooling system in the keynote presentation.

The screen being bright alone would be very handy in summer, too – I have a case and a magnetic MagSafe Popsocket on an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and if the summer, if you’re outside, in the sun, the phone heats up and the OLED screen gets dimmer, not brighter, and dims further if the heat rises. If I detach the magnetic Popsocket, it cools down a bit, but it would be great to see such technology in iPhones and other flagship models to compete with Samsung’s innovation.

Now, if there’s one thing I’ve read many times over the years, it is that Apple is said to sell the most premium phones – the new buyers are buying iPhone 13 models, and especially Pro models, which Apple reportedly has solid margins on , which helps to fuel the next-generations of Apple’s hardware, software, company, ecosystem and more.

Meanwhile, Samsung is said to get most of its sales from its mid-range and lower-priced models, rather than the bulk of sales being the flagship S and Note series devices. Can Samsung break the cycle in 2022?

With the S22 and Tab 8 range, Samsung wants to sell many more of its flagship models than ever before, especially to existing Samsung users with older Samsung smartphone models, as well as switchers from other Android brands, and switchers from iPhone.

Many reviewers often like to state that the new model is not that much of an upgrade from the last model, and that its probably not worth upgrading every year, whether its upgrading from one of the S21 models to one of the new S22 models, or from iPhone 12 to 13, or Apple Watch Series 6 to 7, some reviewers decry what they say are incremental improvements.

The thing is, more people are holding onto their phones and devices longer than ever before, and for someone with a 3 year or older phone, a new phone is very tempting, and there are lots of choices, from new to refurbished in the various price points.

While there are definitely those who get the new model each year, whether through phone company upgrade programs, Samsung’s own program or simply because they can afford to buy a new phone each year, many users are jumping to two, three or more generations of improvement .

So, with Samsung beefing up its line to newly compete with Apple, despite the S22 and S22+ having slightly smaller screens than the S21 counterparts, it is doing all it can promote its newest devices as its fastest and most capable yet so it sells as Many possible, which has also meant folding the Note line into the flagship S22 Ultra line, with the next two or three quarters to tell the story.

The S21 and S21+ have three cameras to two on the iPhone 13 non-pro models as the S21 did compared to the iPhone 12, but with improved AI and night photo smarts, and with the S22 Ultra and its five cameras, and the same improvements and more, and Samsung is pulling out all the stops with its best smartphone cameras yet.

Samsung trio of new Tab S8 models is also impressive, with the 14.6-inch display, with improved multitasking on all models, 2.9ms latency on all models, the same 4nk Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in Australia as in the US and Dex mode on all models, with the keyboard and trackpad accessory – and all of the Windows PC integration – and Samsung’s most powerful Tab S8 are its most versatile.

Hands-on, and the devices are smooth and modern, thin, advanced, super responsive to stylus and fingertip control, and looked like great upgrades especially if coming from an older device.

Samsung’s ecosystem of devices, accessories, watches, buds, PC integration and so much more competes head to head with Apple’s ecosystem and integration in the strongest way yet.

Prices are steady with last year’s, too, with only one of the ultra variants costing $50 more than last year’s equivalent capacities.

Samsung makes various digs at Apple in its presentation, around features, security, apps, privacy and more too – I’ll have to watch the presentation again to pinpoint them, but the S22 and Tab S8 range aim to sell more than ever before.

Whether it’s truly enough to dislodge very loyal iPhone users is yet to be seen, but they should ceratinly attract a lof of existing Android users who really want the new upgraded features, benefits and capabilities on offer.

Here are the prices for the S22 models and the special offers, and the Tab S8 prices and nicely impressive special offers can all be read in detail at Samsung’s source document here.


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