LineageOS 18.1 offers a new custom ROM option for these Motorola phones

LineageOS 18.1 offers a new custom ROM option for these Motorola phones
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For the Moto G 5G, Moto G 5G Plus, and the Motorola Edge

Custom ROM projects like LineageOS can be a fantastic way to give another lease on life to an aging device, like we just saw with the positively ancient Nexus 7 and its ability to run the brand-new Android 12L, all thanks to an unofficial build of LineageOS 19.1. You don’t have to wait for your manufacturer to drop support before you start playing with custom ROMs, though, and they’re just as good for trying out a more modern phone with some different software. That’s the boat we find ourselves in today, as we check out the new LineageOS 18.1 plans for a few relatively recent Motorola phones.

The handsets in question are the Moto G 5G (aka One 5G Ace), Moto G 5G Plus (or the One 5G), and the Motorola Edge, all 2020 handsets. While the Edge previously had access to LineageOS 17.1, this is the first we’re seeing support on the other two models.


Considering how LineageOS 18.1 is based on Android 11, this isn’t exactly bringing any of these phones into the modern era, but keeping in mind how unimpressive Moto software update support has been looking lately, we’ll take what we can get. And that’s doubly true for the models just picking up Lineage support now, especially if that makes them any more likely to stay along for the ride to 19.1. It looks like the first 18.1 builds for each of these phones still need to be posted, but you can always build your own if you’re feeling particularly impatient.

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