Health Report: Are smart phones making us dumber?

Health Report: Are smart phones making us dumber?
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For years, researches have made a case that smart technology may be bad for our brain power.

Now, a team of researchers from the US and Canada want you to know what they’ve discovered about digital devices and dumbing down.

Some scientists have theorized that scrolling quickly through multiple open apps makes us unfocused. Others have said that young people, especially, lose cognition, or brain power when machines do the work for them.

Researches studied four dozen published reports on smart tech use

“The arguments that they are making us dumber don’t hold up,” said Anthony Chemoero, PhD, Cognitive Science Researcher.

Instead, Dr. Chemero suggests that smart technology makes us smarter.

“It’s because what it’s doing is enhancing our abilities to do smart things. And it enhances our ability to do smart things by kind of offloading some of the tasks to a piece of technology,” Chimero said.

Technology that calculates, stores information and memorizes.

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“Young people now don’t know anyone’s phone number. They might know their parents’ phone numbers. Sometimes they don’t even know their own phone number. So again, all that memory storage that we devoted to remembering phone numbers, we can now use for something else,” Chimero said.

For example, learning a new language or how to cook or draw. While there are drawbacks to smart phone use, like “Tech Neck,” “Sore Digits,” and disrupted sleep patterns, Chemero says making us dumb is not one.


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