Goons arrested for intimidating people with a police complaint and robbing phones | Mumbai news

Goons arrested for intimidating people with a police complaint and robbing phones | Mumbai news
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Mumbai: Three youngsters were arrested in connection with stealing phones using a new trick wherein they would people of sending obscene messages to their sisters and when people would hand over their phones to prove their innocence, the youngsters would run away with their phones.

According to the Malad police, the incident took place on Friday, when a 19-year-old college student from Kandivli was walking along with his two friends on the footpath near the Old Sonal Industrial Estate at 12.50pm. The victim was texting with a friend on his phone when suddenly three men approached him and cornered him. The victim was shocked by this sudden intimidation. Upon asking why they had intercepted him, 21-year-old accused Anwar Khan grabbed the victim’s collar and demanded to know why he was sending obscene messages to his sister.

When the victim refused to even know the sister of the accused, Khan threatened to lodge a police case of molestation against the victim. Hearing that the police would get involved, the victim told the accused to check his phone and find out for himself that he was innocent and he really did not know Khan’s sister.

The victim then handed over his phone to Khan, who passed it on to his accomplices Mohammed Shaikh (22) and Imran Sayyed (22) men who had already fled with his phone. When the victim demanded to know what was going on, Khan removed a knife and pointed it towards the victim and his friends and snatched the phones of the friends and fled the area.

The victim then realised that he was robbed, he approached the Malad police and registered a case against the three men.

The police officers said that when they scanned the CCTVs of the locality where the crime had occurred. The officers said that they saw the three men board a rickshaw which was parked at the corner of the road and within seconds, they saw that the rickshaw had sped towards Malwani in Malad west.

The officers of unit 11 of the crime branch then found out the addresses of the accused with the help of their informers and arrested them on Saturday evening.

The three were then handed over to the Malad police for further investigation.

“The three men who are unemployed have been wanted for mobile theft cases across the city and Government Railway Police stations. The three have used the same modus operandi and robbed over 80 mobile phones so far,” said a police officer from the Malad police station adding, “The men are so intimidating and convincing that the victims have no other option than to hand over their phone to prove their innocence.”


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