Diablo Immortal is now also coming to PC in June

Diablo Immortal is now also coming to PC in June
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“Do you guys not have phones?”

This was the response from Blizzard Entertainment principal game designer Wyatt Cheng back at BlizzCon in 2018 when answering the question as to whether or not there were plans to bring Diablo Immortal to PC in addition to mobile devices. For some context, many fans were hoping for Blizzard to announced Diablo 4 but what they got instead was Diablo Immortal for iOS and Android, which naturally led to disappointment.

Well, fast forward six years and, while Diablo 4 has since been announced, Blizzard confirmed today that Diablo Immortal will also be coming to PC. Although Blizzard still boasts that Diablo Immortal will offer an “uncompromised AAA experience on mobile,” it’s clear that PC is still the heart and soul of the Diablo franchise. And even though this game was intended to be a mobile spinoff of the beloved action RPG franchise, the developer has seemingly found a way to please everyone and allow both the mobile and PC versions of this game to coexist.

Diablo Immortal will support both cross-play and cross-progression, meaning you can choose to play the game on mobile devices or your PC, or both! And furthermore, you can play with anyone else regardless of the device they are using.

Diablo Immortal will launch in open beta for PC on June 2, the same day the game will launch for mobile. Despite being classified as an open beta, the PC version will contain all of the game’s main features. And any progress you make during the beta will carry into main game when it launches.

While action role-playing remains the game’s core focus, Diablo Immortal also places an emphasis on social experiences with traditional MMO features such as a shared massive world, the ability to form Warbands with up to eight members to take on difficult challenges such as Helliquary raid bosses, and the ability to join Clans with up to 150 others.

Diablo Immortal is going to be free-to-play when it launches with the option for in-game purchases that enhance your overall gameplay experience. I just hope it doesn’t become too much pay to win.

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