8 Mysteries About the Human Body That You’ve Probably Never Thought About

Despite the advances science has made, there are still new parts of the body we are discovering, such as saliva-producing organs that were only recently looked into. There are numerous features of the human body that are only found in a small number of people, proving that our bodies are truly unique.

8. A split uvula


The piece of flesh that hangs in the back of our throats is called a uvula and serves the important function of helping us eat and drink. However, 2% of the population has the rare occurrence of a forked or split uvula. Known as a bifid uvula, it is often hereditary and can result in difficulties in digesting food and speaking. For more severe cases, therapy or surgery is recommended.

7. Extra taste buds


Some people are born with more taste buds than regular people and are called supertasters. People born with this ability are sensitive to bitter flavors in foods like coffee, chocolate, broccoli, etc. About 25% of the population is born with this ability, and women are more likely to be supertasters than men.

6. Fingers and toes without nails


Imagining ourselves without fingernails and toenails is a scary thought, but some people are born that way. Anonychia congenita is a rare condition that results in a person being born without fingernails and toenails. However, this condition doesn’t impact their health in any way, and sometimes only some toenails or fingernails are missing.

5. Unbreakable bones


A very small number of people possess extremely dense bones. This genetic mutation, called LRP5, was discovered after a man survived a car accident with no injuries in 1994. People with this condition have bones that are resistant to breaking and can even replace old bone minerals in response to new functional demands as well.

4. A small hole near the ear


A strange occurrence in the human body that some people can have is a small hole near the ear. Known as a preauricular pit, this is mostly harmless and doesn’t have any particular purpose.

3. Seeing more colors