10 signs that your kidneys are in bad shape

Our Kidneys play a pivotal role in our health. They expel toxically and waste substances out of our systems. Our kidneys also play a role in the release of various hormones that are necessary for different health functions such as the generation of blood cells and the regulation of blood pressure and metabolism. We should ensure that our Kidneys function properly because failure to do so will result in the development of various health problems–from kidney stones to liver and gut disorders.

So here are 10 signs that your kidneys may not function at their best or that you may have kidney stones:

When You Have Trouble Sleeping


When diagnosing kidney stones or kidney dysfunction, a primary sign that your kidneys do not work at their best and are not able to expel toxins through your urine is having trouble sleeping. Recurring kidney stones and chronic kidney disease also show this symptom.

Note: when you get a diagnosis of kidney disease or kidney stones, you will encounter sleep apnea and suffer from frequent migraines. You may wonder what exactly sleep apnea pertains to–sleep apnea is a sleep issue characterized by multiple breath pauses during sleep, that typically lasts from 2 seconds to a minute. This is a quite risky issue and should be treated immediately before it gets worse and puts your life at risk.

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